One of the leading healthcare BPOs in the US and India, TechIndia partners with B2C healthcare providers supplying outsourced healthcare services. Expanding into the US and Europe meant TechIndia needed a fresh, strong brand identity that clearly communicated their capability and trustworthiness to help them pitch for and win proof-of-concept pilot contracts.

That’s where we came in. We helped TechIndia to refresh and implement a comprehensive brand communication strategy, by redesigning their brand’s identity, visual language, their website, and their marketing collateral from the ground up. And we did it all in three months.

Developing the brand archetype

Our next move was to figure out TechIndia’s brand personality – their principles and values that would help us craft a fully-realised brand identity. To help position TechIndia, we established their brand as a trusted helper archetype.

These brand values gave us a starting point:

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Re-imagining the brand mark

TechIndia had been using the same logo since 2002, and it had grown stale. The rounded rectangle and circle had implied technology and rootedness, and now they needed to project a brand identity that represented who they were now.

Our simple, innovative logo communicated honest, dependable healthcare through the often-affiliated cross, but it also showed TechIndia as an outsourced service through the broken interlocking outlines. Using a range of fresh colours helped us characterise TechIndia as a blend of young, energetic clinical technicians and business analysts with the experience and expertise to compete with the bigger players.

TechIndia Brand Identity

TechIndia Brand Mark

Constructing the brand

Working together with the client, we identified several critical success factors for their business – people, knowledge, technology, and adaptability. These aspects were distilled into five brand colours:
Deep orange conveyed a fresh, youthful feeling.
Sky blue was used to represent the warmth and vastness of the healthcare industry.
Yellow indicated industry leadership in technology.
Purple communicated the friendliness and care of the industry.
Green gave a sense of capability, of attentiveness.

Apart from their use in the logo, these colours were used for the website and marketing collateral to create a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints.

TechIndia Primary Colours

Empowering Businesses

Our goal in crafting the brand position statement was to communicate TechIndia as a large, reputed organisation that was capable and safe to partner with – a leader in outsourced healthcare management services.

Encapsulating the brand purpose in a single word, we settled on empowering. It captured the essence of the brand, and allowed us to connect it with their target of businesses – B2C healthcare providers.

TechIndia tagline


We created a library of distinct and relevant icons with rounded corners and soft edges to compliment the brands tone and industry segment.

TechIndia Iconography


We used a lower-case typography for the logo to communicate a friendliness and relatability – it was both rooted and receptive. Right alignment was used to show a departure from the status quo – a metaphor for TechIndia’s innovative and forward-thinking approach.

TechIndia Typography

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