NIIT Learning

Leading American corporate training brand NIIT Learning had six global agencies pitching for their attention when we arrived on the scene. They were looking for a bold new approach to breathe new life into their brand and make it flexible across digital outputs.

They needed a complete digital visual identity overhaul while also communicating their value proposition more clearly. On top of that, their huge website – all 200 pages of it – was in need of a ground-up rebuild.

The pitch

We pitched a clean, energetic aesthetic and with a CMS service to serve dynamic content faster. Together with a set of comprehensive brand guidelines for their revitalised brand, it was a clear recipe for success. We won the business and that’s when the hard work began.

Crafting a flexible logo

Using an unfixed colour palette for the logo, we removed the boundaries on how it could be displayed – it could be mixed and matched to suit the context. The primary colours worked together, ensuring good contrast and eliminating colour clash.

They bloody loved it!

NIIT Learning

The website

With the brand foundations in place, it was time to get building the website. And it was a hell of a project. With over 200 pages loaded to the gunwales with static content, it was a behemoth. We harvested content from NIIT’s wealth of untouched case studies, illustrating their value proposition in practical terms through their success stories. When presented through the lens of the new guidelines, the content came alive, creating a fresh, mobile friendly website.

The website was built using HTML5, CSS3 with Drupal 8 as the Content Management System, and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Google Analytics and HubSpot was also integrated with the website to help with their lead generation.

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