This story began when dyed-in-the-wool motorcycle fanatics Classic Legends (CL) had a dream of resurrecting Jawa motorcycle brand in India. CL wanted to build brand new Jawa bikes. They were starting from scratch, but had a passionate, die-hard fanbase of Jawa lovers who had kept the brand alive over the years.

We pitched for this business amongst many agencies and won the opportunity to help CL on this unique journey.

The challenge

The goal was simple but ambitious: to build an audience, sustain interest, and create a buzz over five months until the launch of the new Jawa motorcycles.

In order to do this (and hit it out of the park) we deployed a 25 member team comprising of creatives, campaign managers, engineers, and brand strategists. Ultimately, it was this team that meticulously crafted one of the most successful product launches in the Indian motorcycle market in 2018.

Creating a website with nostalgia

We built a first rate website that involved tapping into the spirit of nostalgia that surrounded this brand. With careful attention to detail, we successfully created an immersive world bringing riders back to the glorious 70s – Jawa’s heyday in India. The Jawa website was an exciting blast from the past, laced with the promise of their revitalised journey soon to be revealed.

We also had to make sure that the Jawa website could be easily found and was coming up in all relevant searches. It was important for Jawa to be visible.

  • In 5 months we got their website to rank #1 on Google for 122 keywords.
  • The Jawa website appeared on the first page of 409 keywords.
  • We sold the entire inventory for a year in one month.
Jawa Motorcycles website

Building the hype over social media

In tandem with our website release, we also rolled out a dynamic social media strategy on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. To keep the Jawa audience engaged and excited, we put out interesting trivia, stories, and contests like #JawaArt and #JawaChallenge. The response was overwhelming.

Keep in mind that all of this had to be done without showing the one thing Jawa enthusiasts wanted to see the most – the new bike! We had to save all those visuals for the big launch.

  • In the 5 month run up to the launch we increased brand’s social presence by 350k+ fans on Facebook, 300k+ followers on Instagram and 20k+ followers on Twitter.
  • We created more than 500 creatives for social media and 45 video stories for Instagram.
  • We responded to more than 5000 one-on-one consumer responses on social media.
Jawa Social Media

Marketing touchpoints

We also had to make sure that Jawa was top of mind for all enthusiasts and newcomers, alike. To maintain the conversation, and in addition to our social media efforts, we created several other touchpoints for the Jawa audience. This included dynamic e-mail marketing campaigns and the production of an epic video which showcased the Jawa journey from the point of view of influential motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • In 5 months we released more than 20 targeted e-mail campaigns.
  • We created 15 brand videos, 3 legacy videos, 25 bumper videos for online advertising.
  • Our video had more than 500,000 views on YouTube in less than 48 hours.

The big launch

During the days leading up to the launch we rolled out several teaser campaigns which were picked up by the media and influencers and shared on their handles. By using search marketing techniques we drove millions of visitors to the website to showcase the motorcycles and also generating leads for pre-booking of the motorcycles.

On the launch day we provided live broadcasts of the events, managed social media chatter, interacted with Jawa legends, clubs and prospective customers, and accepted bookings for the motorcycle through the website. It was a huge undertaking and a giant success.

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