We bumped into a worried Peter who said he was having issues with his current team of developers. Nothing new we thought to ourselves. This is exactly why we built Made by Fire, as we are great at turning things around for Founders. Peter was all suited and booted up that day, so we wondered how he might like hanging around with us product designers with our scruffy hair and tattooed arms.

Insurercore is a mobile app which will be the future of networking in the insurance space. The app brings brokers and underwriters together in one slick mobile interface. Users can showcase new products, maintain and expand their professional network, stay up to date with changes in the market and also advertise themselves. But that is today. Let's rewind back to that day we first bumped into Peter.

Peter hired us to give his shiny new app a UX facelift.

UI/UX Design Services in London UK

The journey

Our product design team ran couple of design thinking workshops with the Insurercore team. It was important that we understood the proposition well. There was no opportunity to shape this product as Peter and team had already taken care of that. So the task was simple - "give us a slick and beautiful UX and visual design which our third party developers could stick onto the app easily."

The reality

While we were designing the website the Insurercore team were testing the existing build of the app and every day brought them new challenges and issues that were fixed earlier kept coming back. So our tech sleuths were called into action and asked to review the work being done. The less we talk about what ensued after that is better for everyone. Needless to say we were soon building the tech for the app also.

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UX Design and App Development Services in UK

The tech stack

The Insurercore app was built in a hybrid manner as device coverage was more important. So we used a React Native front end integrated with a REST web services layer built using JAVA 8 conforming to the Spring Boot framework. The application data was persisted in a MongoDB database, while Liferay Portal CMS was used to manage all the content. The app was then hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Beyond the product

The entire product was designed, built and delivered in 60 working days to the team at Insurercore. After a round of closed alpha testing the app was released for Beta testing amongst members of the Insurance community. We continue to support the product by building new features into the app while Peter and team are building some good traction and also getting some good feedback which helps to improve Insurercore.