Spirit of Hyundai

“A car brand!!” screamed our Social Media team in unison and so began our virtual journey with the Spirit of Hyundai – the community page of Hyundai Motors India. Although the very mention of the H word would evoke swanky cars and supermodels, the Spirit of Hyundai has a more deep rooted purpose.

Hyundai wanted to build a healthy, close-knit digital community for the 8000+ team working in Hyundai’s Chennai Plant. And who did they turn to? Yours truly.

The approach

Employee engagement is not all about churning out killer posts day in day out. Identifying the right platform to engage with the audience is the first most important step. So we had many conversations and workshops within our team and also in Hyundai. We noticed that many of the users of this community used Facebook heavily and so it undoubtedly became the final choice for this unique initiative.

Employee Engagement - Hyundai

The initial wave started with covering important events and festivals held within the campus. This included curated photo albums, festive events in the campus and other activities. All was fine and dandy up to a point when suddenly the engagement seemed to plateau. The follower count seemed to be anchored at a fixed value. The time had come to reinvent – something that is second nature to us.

Plan B

With a renewed sense of energy, creativity and strategy, we plunged head first into the second phase of creatives for the Spirit of Hyundai. We noticed that posts in the regional language garnered more engagement than posts in English. Additionally, posts featuring real people resonated well with the followers making them more relatable and shareable. Armed with this insight, we designed a fresh new look for the page. What followed was a slew of creatives centered around pop culture, work safety, home gardening and water saving initiatives and much more.

Today, the employee engagement team at Hyundai are walking around with a smile on their faces thanks to our strategy of organically increasing the followers and engagement with every passing day. All this without a penny spent on paid promotions. And that’s how we do employee engagement using Social Media at Made by Fire.

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