Chemarc is a digital content platform for the chemical industry. This website delivers insights and intelligence to help companies take better decisions, and grow their revenues and profits. The website also has a growing community of 50,000 users in over 25,000 companies as subscribers and a very effective advertising platform to this specific industry.

The client had seen some of our other work and called us in to give their brand a new skin and improve the User Experience of their product. Our engagement workshops revealed that Chemarc were a thinking organisation, knowledgable, young, and vibrant with a very modern tech platform. Chemarc was working very hard to build and encourage discussion and engagement, for business collaboration and growth and become a go-to place for intelligent people, who were seeking an enduring partnership to achieve their goals.

Chemarc brand identity design
The mark was inspired by one of the most important organic chemical compounds – Benzene. The structural representation for Benzene is a six carbon ring (represented by a hexagon). We built off that base with each edge extending out to create a loop to represent relationships that Chemarc will spark off.

The letter mark uses a modern, thin and sans serif type style with the alphabets spaced at equilateral distances from each other to provide the right balance for the brand mark and its six loops. A horizontal version of the logo was also created to provide added flexibility.

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