It’s not all about the money here at Made by Fire. We have a deeper purpose and philosophy to everything that we do. We can’t transform the world, but we can add some heart to our fire and make small powerful changes in people’s lives. We’ve built an Agency with Soul and are now releasing li’l tornadoes of positive change to inspire people to lead with their soul.

Paying it forward and giving hope can come in different forms and the team at Made by Fire have just raised the bar. Say hello to our SOUL TECH program. Through this initiative, we are introducing technology and coding skills to 45 young girls from the St. Xaviers Orphanage in Chennai. We are:

  • Introducing technology to them in a fun and interactive manner.
  • Providing them with the right infrastructure to learn technology – desks, chairs, computers, tech kits and software.
  • Conducting weekly sessions to teach them to code in Python.
  • Mentoring and supporting them to conceptualise a new digital product idea with a commercial proposition.
  • Helping them to design, develop and launch this product.

Soul Tech Digital Agency India


We’re going to digitally transform their lives by giving them the right instruction and infrastructure to learn, develop and finally build a product that can be launched in the market. We hope this digital product will give them a bright and economically stable future, while also enabling them to change more lives as they grow up. Our li’l tornado of change is ripping apart stereotypes, pretences, hypocrisy and negativity, and leaving inspiration, hope, knowledge and positivity in its wake.