Made by Fire was founded by Vernon Dias in 2014, and has been pushing the boundaries, breaking the rules, and questioning the status quo ever since. Our experienced team of 50+ strategists, product designers, technology architects, experience designers, creative technologists, and engagement specialists help businesses of all sizes to shape, design, build, and market innovative products.

We use generous portions of passion and focus on working quickly to turn innovative ideas into intuitive and scalable digital products that make an impact. Made by Fire delivers quality at speed, which involves intuitive UX/UI, robust and scalable solution architecture, rapid development skills, and honest pricing


How it all began


Journey begins

Our founder, Vernon started one of India’s first digital agencies, DZINE, at the beginning of the first internet boom. When the bubble burst, most digital agencies were forced to shut down. In that carnage, DZINE grew by 250%.


Hello World

Vernon moved to London and established DZINE’s first international presence. Offices in New York, San Diego and Chicago were quick to follow. Vernon’s vision of creating a global agency soon became reality, and success followed.


Private Equity steps in

After refusing many massive acquisition proposals from major players in the industry, the DZINE board made the decision to allow a private equity fund to help manage and grow the current proposition into a larger global entity.



Unfortunately, the PE fund ran the business into the ground as a strategic move to run down the value and take over the company. Vernon lost everything, was left with nothing, and became homeless in London for three months.



In the wake of this loss, Vernon began to work as a UX Consultant with digital agencies all over London. He worked on projects for Tesco F&F, McDonald’s, BP, Carlsberg, NOW TV, Russell Hobbs, SKY, The SUN newspaper, Samsung, BMW, Sainsbury, Intel, Coca-Cola, Skoda, Lemsip, O2, Nivea, UPS, Sony, Tiger Beer, Vonage, and Lloyds Bank.


Made by Fire

Working as a Consultant put Vernon in a unique position of being on the other side. He observed how the agency format was broken and how TIME was such a big problem for product development. An agency that built digital products rapidly was the need of the hour, and so Vernon launched Made by Fire in London, with a unique culture of speed.

2018 and beyond

Blazing a trail

Since it’s inception, Made by Fire has continued to grow at a staggering pace. From only one man in 2014, the company now boasts 50+ team members. The company’s unique proposition of speed has been well received in the industry.

We are making news.