Tech Architecture

All digital products that we build are optimised to give you the perfect mix of innovation, agility, reliability, and cost. All this needs the right architectural approach, and that is where we come in.

The Technology Architecture team at Made by Fire in their past lives have been at the coal face of many challenging enterprise software projects in some of the most highly regulated organisations in the world. Our Architects also have been at the heart of delivering some cutting-edge innovations to our clients, and this gives us a unique edge.

We also have alliances with key platforms and infrastructure providers. Access to their knowledgebases, architects and innovation centres help our Architects stay current and at the forefront of advanced architectural approaches.

We can help to:
  • carry out assessments of your current technology architecture.
  • create a new strategy, and tech arch design for your software.
  • provide recommendations to reduce costs using innovative architectural approaches.
  • introduce the right tools to increase delivery speed and production system resiliency.