Build your app with the React Native specialists

You’ve got your once-in-a-lifetime mobile app idea, and you’re ready to take the React Native route? Make sure your project’s in safe hands with our cross platform experts.

We’ve built up a crack team of specialist React Native developers, experienced in delivering slick, fully-realised projects on time and on budget. And we can’t wait to get started on our next success story – your project.

Save money and time with a single codebase
Using React Native, we’re able to slash both your initial development time and your code maintenance, because you won’t need separate code for iOS and Android platforms.

The knock-on effect is that you can get to market faster and start seeing ROI sooner.

Overall, it’s a more efficient investment into your product – definitely something to smile about.

Our React Native highlights reel
We’ve built some stunning apps for our clients, as React Native’s component-based approach has enabled us to making them lighter, faster, friendlier, and more agile.

Ubud on Tap helps tourists make the most of their time in Bali, showing users nearby sights and experiences relevant to their interests. Using React Native allowed Ubud on Tap to access native location services on both Android and iOS systems from a single codebase to provide a fluid user experience.

Starvzi is an app designed for restaurant owners, allowing them to set up their own websites and manage delivery orders more easily. Native Bluetooth functionality across platforms was accessed using React Native to integrate Starvzi with various restaurants’ electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems.

Givazon is an app that helps children to swap toys with each other or donate them to those less fortunate. React Native allowed Givazon’s single codebase to access native camera systems on both iOS and Android to upload images for proposed trades.