Software Engineering

We have built a vibrant team of efficient full-stack engineers with deep expertise and an insane need for speed. We jump into projects right away thanks to our unique and flexible resourcing model and can ramp up quite rapidly. Our engineers can also work in a collaborative manner with your team (if required) throughout the development process.


Agile Software Engineering

Multi-discipline engineers work together as an Agile, joined-up product team eliminating technology silos. The engineers follow a two-week sprint cadence to deliver a Shippable product increment at the end of every sprint. They love playing poker to plan their work and write functional tests before they even start coding.

Continuous Integration

The continuous integration discipline prompts the engineers to check-in their work incrementally and regularly. Lead engineers within the Product team often takes the responsibility for merging pull-requests and providing a stable release candidate. Engineers feel at home when they are using Github/Bit bucket to manage their code.


The DevOps toolchain, administered via Jenkins, then further helps to package, build, quality check and deploy to target environment. The continuous code quality is ensured by SonarQube with variety of code analysers for different technology stacks. The quality checked code passes through unit test execution and automated testing using Selenium.



  • Digital Experiences – We have developed a client-centric design that allows delivery of modular layer that serves digital experiences across multiple channels and devices while keeping the business logic abstracted in the backend API layer. Depending on the channel, we deploy the right technology stack.
  • Web – Single Page Apps (SPA) built using HTML5/CSS to deliver a fluid and responsive experience. We use ReactJS, to dynamically update the UI components and Redux to manage the state. We also have expertise developing Web apps in other frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone, and JQuery.
  • Mobile – For a cross-platform mobile experience, we use the power of React Native. This helps our Engineers to reuse the code and maintain a single codebase. For iOS apps, we use Swift with Coredata/Realm, and for Android apps, we use JAVA with SQLite/Realm.
  • Wearables – Smart watches (Apple Watch, and Garmin).
  • APIs/Server side apps – We have deep expertise in delivering REST APIs that power up digital experiences with dynamic data. We use a variety of technologies depending on the product – JAVA with Spring Boot, Node.js, PHP with Laravel, Python with Django, and Ruby on Rails. The APIs implement an abstraction layer for the underlying database. We have expertise in both SQL and no SQL databases – MongoDB, mySQL, Postgres, and Oracle.
  • eCommerce – We have delivered websites using WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal Commerce, and Shopify.
  • Technology Alliances – We work within the wider digital ecosystem by integrating 3rd party solutions. We have developed standard connectors to enable these integrations. Some of the key strategic partners include:
Identity Providers – Experian, Iovation, Social Media OAUTH
    Address – QAS, Postcode Anywhere,,
    Payment – Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, First Data
    Communication – Twilio, SendGrid, Apple Notifications (APNS), Google Notifications (FCM), MailChimp
    CRM – Zendesk, SalesForce
    Accounting – Xero