Digital Product Design

You bring the dream and the ambition. We’ll bring the people, process, tools, and velocity. Together, we’ll turn your dream into reality in record time.

Our Product Designers have years of experience in building digital propositions across different industries. We enjoy learning about new businesses and follow an inclusive, fun and collaborative design process to shape your idea into a compelling value proposition. Here’s a brief insight into our product design process.



All our projects kick off with a Discovery workshop which allows our product design team to get to know you better, listen to your story and then gain a deeper insight into the problem statement and your solution. We brainstorm together, indulge in some blue sky thinking and then proceed to understand the product proposition. This phase could span from one to ten days depending on the scale of the project.

At the end of this stage we would have:
  • Defined the problem statement and the solution.
  • Established who the key stakeholders are and their responsibilities.
  • Understood the user profiles of the target audiences.
  • Formulated the features of your product.
  • Agreed on what features would be built in the various release phases.
  • Discussed and decided on the tech stack and related infrastructure.
  • Decided the next steps of the process.


With the basic understanding of the product out of the way, it’s time for the deep dive. Our product designer uses the next five to ten days to connect the dots and develop user stories for all the agreed features. This phase is collaborative and involves frequent discussions with you followed by your sign offs on each story. Regular governance sessions are also organised within the product design team (experience design, content, engineering, test and release). We classify the agreed product features into Epics. We use a cloud-based software to document, plan, track, assign tasks, iterate and release the product.

At the end of this stage we would have:
  • A signed off backlog of user stories for the product.
  • A written brief for the brand identity to be designed.
  • The Technology Architecture of the solution.


The creation process starts once we have a well-organised product backlog. Our product design team work closely with you to prioritise the features that matter most to your users. These prioritised features are then delivered through intense sprints, where we design the UX, write code, and start giving your product a sense of reality. At the end of every two weeks, we do a Show and Tell, so that you get a chance to see the product as it’s being built. This early view of the product gives you the option to re-prioritise or amend features during the creation process.

At the end of the agreed number of sprints for this phase, we would have:
  • A digital product that is ready to be released to your users.
  • Code delivered into your Github account.
  • A deployment and release plan using state-of-the-art DevOps.


Your idea is now close to reality and ready to be released into the hands of your prospective customers. We also help you draft a robust launch strategy that minimises your risk and ensures that necessary support processes are in place. In the background, our DevOps engineers ensure that the live environment for the delivery of your product is safe and secure.

At the end of this phase, we would have:
  • A fully working product deployed in a live environment and ready to be used by your customers.
  • Product monitoring that allows you to spot issues, if any, as they arise.
  • Sufficient level of training for you to be able to manage content.


As customers start using your product we continuously monitor, learn, and understand customer behaviour and product usage. This research results in new feature definition or optimisation of existing features followed up by incremental releases.

At the end of this phase, we would have:
  • A fully functioning platform, with frequent releases to iron-out issues or add new features.
  • Definition and shaping for new features that the platform may need.
  • Guidance and support to ensure that you invest in the product to maximise returns for you and your customers.