Accelerated Mobile Pages

52.2% of all website traffic worldwide comes through mobile phones – and this number keeps growing.

In a world where phone-based browsing is fast-becoming the norm, slow or clunky pages won’t cut it – and that’s where accelerated mobile pages come in. AMP help businesses get better online results by making pages faster and more sticky for mobile.

Why do you need AMP on your site?

1. They’re speedy as hell
Speed is king in the digital world – too slow and you lose your audience faster than you can say “but where’s my adwords?” AMPs are fast. REALLY fast. They load about twice as fast as similarly-sized pages, with about a tenth of the latency.

2. People stick around
The more time your audience spends on your page, the better, right? Whether it’s down to higher ranked results attracting more dedicated traffic or faster loading times making viewing easier, audiences tend to spend more time on AMPs.

3. Engagement goes through the roof
Your page looks slicker and responds smoother, so your audience is more likely to engage with it. That means better traffic for your links, videos, and buttons because the user experience feels intuitive and fast.

4. They get noticed
No-one’s going to get to hear about your ground-breaking service or product if your website’s buried in the pile. I mean, when was the last time YOU ventured into the wilderness of the second page of Google results? Search engines viewAMP a bit like optimisation – and they reward you by bumping you up the search results. That means more people see your content and, if you’ve played your cards right, more click-throughs to your website.

5. Keep up with the competition
Either your competitors are using AMPs, which means you’re falling behind, or they’re not, which gives you an opportunity to get the upper hand. Using AMP means you’re giving your website – and by extension, your business – the best possible chance for success.

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