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Eat Water

Eat Water is an organic, low calorie and gluten free diet food brand based in the UK. We’ve been involved with Eat Water from their initial product launch in Ireland and UK, by helping to define and roll out their digital strategy.


The diet food market in the UK  is competitive and cluttered with brands making tall claims. We wanted to do something different for Eat Water. So, we created a website that built and supported an active online community for people who want to live healthy and lose weight. This was quite essential as we were launching a product that was new and hence prospective customers had to be educated. The website allowed users to interact with experts within the brands research team, so as to understand the products better and live a healthy life.

Besides educating customers through the website, we also set up a community engagement team to handle the social media channels for the brand. We cover Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, while also handling all digital CRM.

Brand ambassadors signed up and introduced as health advisors in the community.
Ecommerce brand store loaded with seasonal offers.
Responsive website to work on multiple devices.
Detailed product information along with linked special offers.
Online community being built and managed online.
Social engagement strategy to have meaningful conversations with people.
The website was responsive and e-commerce enabled with a new set of brand guidelines, to enable prospective customers to take the next step and use the product. Our Internet marketing team also got stuck in and today the website is at number one position in various search engines, thus driving a huge volume of traffic to the web store. Sales were slow to start with but today we have crossed the 6 figure mark with a healthy base of returning customers and regular additions of new customers.