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VOGT Stockholm

VOGT Stockholm is a fresh new brand in the global fashion industry for women who want to carve their own style path to find uniqueness and authenticity. Their identity is underpinned by clean Scandinavian design and premium craftsmanship from Italian Artisans with a geometric design and a strong feminine touch.

Christina de Mercado is the creative genius behind the brand and she came to us through a personal reference. VOGT was about to launch their new line of bags and Christina wanted to take her website to the next level. Simple, minimalistic, slick, mobile friendly and commerce enabled was what Christina was looking for.

VOGT Stockholm

The journey

Our product design team had a few workshops with the client in far away Stockholm over the telephone. They understood and shaped the proposition while documenting the requirements into JIRA. This was quickly followed up with a few design sessions within the Experience Design team and voila the look and feel was starting to take shape. Our Creative Directors haggled with each other on the right colours, fonts and so on.

The design

Pages were designed with a minimalistic monotone feel to reflect the brand’s visual language while also providing users with an enhanced user experience. The mobile experience was adaptive and stripped of unnecessary visual furniture giving the users access to content and interactions only when it was relevant to them. Christina also gave us some really cool imagery to work with.

VOGT Stockholm

I was introduced to Made by Fire while looking for a web development agency to build the website for VOGT. I have, through this journey, not regretted it one minute. Quite the opposite. The MbF team has been exceptionally attentive to my vision and created new solutions as well as constantly improving the look and feel to match our product offering. I am grateful that the amazing team at MbF took me on as a client!


The process

While the visual design process was going through its troughs and peaks, our Scrum Master had swung into action and activated our Agile dev processes with a four sprint project plan. A project schedule plan was drawn up, sprint planning sessions were booked into calendars and with all the other planning in place, it was time to code. The Scrum Master gave a rousing speech and the wheels began to turn.

Global commerce

VOGT’s goal is to be a global brand, and so the website had to reflect that ambition. We built and integrated a multi-currency solution into the site, so customers see the product prices in the appropriate currency according to their country. With the

multi-currency solution sorted out, the commerce engine was also integrated with Shipwire’s Platform to allow VOGT to take care of global order fulfillment quickly.

The tech stack

In parallel our technology architects had already begun mapping out the overall solution architecture with the dev team on the project. This responsive website was built using HTML5 and CSS3 for the front end and PHP on the server side. WordPress was integrated as the CMS with WooCommerce as the commerce engine. The database used for this project was mySQL along with Stripe as the payment gateway. The entire website was then hosted using Google Cloud infrastructure.

VOGT Stockholm

Meet Christina de Mercado

Founder and designer Christina de Mercado, who is a Parsons-trained designer was born and raised in Stockholm. Born into a family that was at the cutting edge of high fashion in Christina is a natural and has several international design awards to her name, such as the prestigious Concoures International des Jeunes Creatures de Mode award in Paris, Best Design at the Art
Deco Festival Design award by the City of Miami, as well as Best Design at Parsons School of Design, New York. Christina has developed a true pedigree within the fashion industry thanks to her past experiences of working with some of the largest fashion brands and has proven a well-established feel for pure design and quality.
Christina de Mercado