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Fiternity is an iOS mobile app that connects wellness enthusiasts to London’s health and fitness scene in a single app. From gyms to restaurants to events, Fiternity is the digital destination that showcases the best wellness has to offer.

Working with Made by Fire has been amazing. They have a strong commitment to quality and unquestionable work ethic. They are forward-thinking, very proficient, and dedicated to producing a strong result for their clients. MbF feels very much like an extension of our company as they take a lot of pride in building a thoughtfully designed product and exciting user experience. The team is also engaging and collaborative, which makes dealing with them such a pleasure. I am so pleased I made the decision to work with them.


The app was built using Swift 3. This application layer is supported by a robust services layer built using JAVA with a Spring Boot framework. We deployed a mySQL database so as to deliver the high performance required for the geo-located content. All content is managed through a Liferay Content Management System.

Fiternity - cross-platform mobile app

Product features

The THINK section of the app showcases expert thoughts on trending wellness topics. Fiternity allows users to explore new trends in wellness while getting exclusive access to one-on-one interviews from influencers. There is a huge gap in the market for this kind of content.

The EVENTS section is zealously curated to showcase listings from black light yoga to motivating expert panels. It keeps users well informed about all the action in the wellness segment in London. Using a map feature users can navigate through the events quite easily.

The FUEL section helps users find the best restaurants that offer wholesome, natural meals. Whether a users diet is paleo, plant-based, vegan or if they are simply trying to be more mindful of what they eat, Fiternity shares all the best spots in London to refuel, while staying healthy.

Finally, MOVE helps users to discover the best boutique fitness studios and also explore the finest gyms for TRX, Pilates, personal training and more. This section also showcases offers, promotions and specials to help users get the most from their workouts and also their gyms.

Events within the Fiternity mobile app

With our official launch upon us, I’ve begun telling people about the app and its presence on the app stores. The response has been so positive and encouraging – everyone thinks the app is both beautiful and thoughtfully designed. I thought I’d pass on this amazing feedback as well as convey my personal gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you so much for everything you all have done (and continue to do) to help me build this company. There is little doubt in my mind that without Made by Fire, Fiternity would be in a very different place right now. I’m continuously hearing stories from other entrepreneurs about the nightmares they’ve encountered with their tech agencies and I can’t relate to any of it.

In fact, I couldn’t imagine trying to get this off the ground without the help of your tirelessly dedicated team. You guys make me, as an entrepreneur, look good. I’m so grateful to your entire team and I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to show off all our hard work.


Fuel within the Fiternity mobile app