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Market Munch

Market Munch is a cross platform mobile app that allows customers to locate street food traders through a geolocation mobile app. Customers can browse through a selection of cuisines, check out street food menus and place a takeaway order through the app. Using our end-to-end design methodology we were able to lead our client from proposition development, experience design, technology architecture design and software engineering. In the end, we designed and built a hybrid mobile app that brought street food traders closer to their customers.


Street food markets exist all over the world in different sizes and forms. However, all these markets face the same problems:

  • 3-5 hour sales window as most street markets are open only during lunch hours.
  • Customers have to wait in long queues to be served.
  • Very few street food traders have card machines and very few customers carry cash.

Customer and trader research confirmed these problems and also the need for a product that resolved these issues. Market Munch needed to solve these problems to be taken seriously by the traders and customers alike.


Discover street food traders through a GeoIP search engine
Check out street food traders and get to know them better.
Browse through menus of street food traders for that specific day.
Get instant confirmation for orders placed through the app.

What did we do?

We started by convincing the client to build a hybrid mobile app rather than one restricted to iOS. This design decision would not only make future code maintenance easier but would also expand the reach of his product. We designed a modularised app architecture with a loose coupling between components. The client tier was constructed using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and supported by a robust service layer built with PHP using the Yii framework.

The service layer implemented REST/SOAP patterns for services and returned XML/JSON as required by the client tier. The design also gracefully fulfilled several Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) that the client did not even tell us. Some of these features included OAuth security, error handling, session management and clustering/load balancing. We deployed a mySQL database to power the database so as to deliver the high throughput required for transaction processing by the food ordering engine. The shopping cart and payment integration were done using a bespoke commerce platform.

There is three words that sum up Made by Fire – Speed, Quality and finally Execution. I have been working alongside Made by Fire for the good part of 6 months now. I have never had an agency that just gets what my company does from the offset. With brilliant architecture, beautiful, vibrant and fresh designs to compliment them. You are a fool not to hear them out. If not check out Market Munch if you don’t believe the founder of a ecommerce food start-up writing a well-deserved testimonial.FAHIM HUSSAIN

So, behind the absolute joy of receiving messages like this from a client quite frequently, are many long conference calls, designing/re-designing technical architecture solutions, many user research sessions, many late nights and weekends of work. In the end, we’re well pleased with what we’ve created and the client is ecstatic!!

Technology stack

Front end build HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and Ionic.
Application build PHP.
Database mySQL.
Mobile PhoneGap.
Framework Yii.
Dev Ops AWS, Jenkins and GIT.
E-commerce Bespoke platform.
CMS WordPress.
Payment Gateways Stripe.