Digital Product Design

You bring the dream and the ambition. We’ll bring the people, process, tools, and velocity. Together, we’ll turn your dream into reality in record time: 60 days.

Our Product Designers have years of experience in building propositions across different industries. We enjoy learning about new businesses and follow an inclusive, fun and collaborative design process to shape your idea into a compelling value proposition. Product Designers at Made by Fire plays the role of the internal Product Owner and is responsible for the complete understanding, shaping, and delivery of the entire project.

Here’s a brief insight into our product design process.

Discovery workshop

Our product design process starts with a day-long discovery workshop to understand the value proposition of your idea. The Product Designer, Solution Architect and Experience Designer for the project are the Made by Fire representatives at this workshop. We use this opportunity to zoom out and define the problem so we can understand your solution.

We brainstorm together and agree on the key features of your product. These functions are documented as EPICs in the product backlog. We use JIRA (a cloud-based software development tools where we plan, track, assign tasks, iterate and release the product) and Confluence (a cloud-based team collaboration software where we create, organise, and discuss work within the team) to manage this process.

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Analysis, shaping and user stories

Our product designer uses the next 5 – 10 days to deep dive into your product and develop user stories for all the agreed features. This phase is collaborative and involves frequent discussions and debates with the experience design, content, and technology teams within Made by Fire. All this collaboration is managed within JIRA.

User Stories and Epics

A User Story is a simplified description consisting of one or more sentences in everyday language of the end user. It describes the type of user, what they want, and why. These user stories are written up and submitted to you for review, feedback, and sign off. Many user stories form an EPIC. Normally an Epic is what a team works on during a build sprint.

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What happens next

After the discovery phase, the Product Designer conducts an internal kickoff workshop with the project design and build teams, where the project is explained to the entire team. A schedule for the delivery of the project is created and sent to you to agree and signoff.

Focus, clarity, and simplicity are our guiding principles in this product design process.