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Hello Kameswari

Kameswari is the Goddess of desire in Hindu mythology and we’ve always desired more clients in the jewellery segment. Our current portfolio boasts of some of the biggest Indian jewellery brands – GRT Jewels, Prince Jewellery, Mehta Jewellery and SVTM. So when Kameswari Jewellers from Vizag gave us a tinkle we were all ears. After a month long conversation we finally decided to work with each other and build a unique digital property for Kameswari Jewellers.

Living up to its name, Kameswari Jewellers present a blend of outstanding designs and master craftsmanship, with a keen eye on detail. Their creative designers have translated nature, ideas, precious stones and metals for generations, into wondrous pieces of art, which can be worn by people of all ages. Their secret lies in the choice on offer, and a commitment to offering the finest in quality and service, which they have been doing superbly well for the last five decades.

We’ve kicked off the project with a Discovery phase and the team are having a great time understanding the client and their business. We take great pains to understand the heritage and objectives of our clients when they decide to build a digital property. We want to build a digital product that adds value to a clients business but also builds close bonds with their customers. This is what our global design team are working on and stay tuned for more exciting news on this project.