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Fiternity goes live

Fiternity is a cross-platform mobile app that is the go-to source for all that’s hot and happening in London’s wellness scene, where users can explore an unrivalled selection of London’s top wellness events, nutritional options, fitness studios, and much more. The app is a digital lifestyle destination that features a mix of brands weighted toward premium and top-tier wellness locations.

We’ve harnessed the latest in beacon technology and is building a unique beacon network with partner fitness studios. The beacons speak to users’ smartphones through Bluetooth and allow bespoke content to be received upon arrival at partner locations. This exclusive beacon-generated content includes the latest in fitness studio news, promotions, and special offers, and allows users to stay connected to their favourite studios in an innovative and exclusive way.

We’ve been working on this for a few months now and after couple of name and brand changes the app is finally live on the app stores.

Here’s what our client had to say:

With our official launch upon us, I’ve begun telling people about the app and its presence on the app stores. The response has been so positive and encouraging – everyone thinks the app is both beautiful and thoughtfully designed. I thought I’d pass on this amazing feedback as well as convey my personal gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you so much for everything you all have done (and continue to do) to help me build this company. There is little doubt in my mind that without Made by Fire, Fiternity would be in a very different place right now. I’m continuously hearing stories from other entrepreneurs about the nightmares they’ve encountered with their tech agencies and I can’t relate to any of it.

In fact, I couldn’t imagine trying to get this off the ground without the help of your tirelessly dedicated team. You guys make me, as an entrepreneur, look good (and we can both agree that is not an easy task!). I’m so grateful to your entire team and I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to show off all our hard work.Stephanie Fujarczuk