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Agency with Soul

It’s not all about the money here at Made by Fire. We have a deeper purpose and philosophy attached to everything that we do. We cannot transform the world, but we can add some heart to our fire and bring about small but powerful changes in people’s lives. We are building an Agency with Soul and releasing li’l tornadoes of positive change to inspire all members of our team and the public as a whole to lead with their soul.

Life experiences have taught us that it’s easy to donate money and then feel good that we have fulfilled our social responsibility. But, how much of that money makes a real difference is a question that has constantly haunted us. Charities were/are not transparent and cagey in their responses. So we decided to stop donating money to them. We decided to do something about it ourselves.

Check out some of our SOUL programs.


Through this program, our team members discover their larger purpose of making a difference in someone else’s life. They mentor and train people who are in challenging circumstances in their lives, and most cases just need an honest break. It’s all about giving our SWIVEL team members an opportunity to learn a new skill while discovering their real potential. SWIVEL aims to turn lives around and then paying it forward to change more lives.

Our SWIVEL program has transformed over 60 lives and continues to generate li’l tornadoes of change every day.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and have created an organisation where women and men are treated equally in all regards. Women make up 25% of our team, and we would like to grow this to 50%.

Women in Tech
Our Women in Tech program aims to:

  • introduce more women to the extremely dynamic world of tech.
  • empower women to lead in tech based roles and deliver world class products.
  • provide women with the right support and mentoring to succeed.
  • create a platform for women within the team to create their own Soul initiatives.


We are so proud of our technology team in Chennai. They came up with a unique Soul Tech program to teach 90 young orphan girls and boys how to code.

Take a look at what this program is all about.